With over 30 years of experience on our team at MASUMA we pride ourselves in providing you with the Latest in Luxury Asian Designer wear. With Generations of Fashion Experince and Long Lasting ties with South East Asia's best of producers in designs and quality our customers know they get more than what they pay for and not just something beautiful.




A Trusted name in the field of Fashion with Best of Quality and Proven Authentic Sources, from the Generations of family trade both and the Source of Production to right here to Provide the Perfect Outfit for You.




We have a wide variety and it gets larger and larger day by day with latest designs in fashion, fabric and brands. Mostly by Providing the Customers ie. You with the Ability to Design, Change and Aadapt Oufits Specificly to Your Taste. That Production gives ourselves further Unique and Exclusive Designs in our already Vast range or Wonderful Designs



Customer Satisfaction


We're Never too Big or too Small to Help You with Whatever you need and our Experienced staff are Always there to find the Best option For You and give You the Best of Advice. With down to earth friendly assistance It will Never feel like Your Shopping Alone with Us.